Menino - The Brazilian Music Project from Europa

meninoThe musicians from menino are from Germany, love European pop and pulse with Brazilian passion. Their groovy rhythms make their New Latin Pop always danceable. They sing in German, English and Portuguese. Infected with samba and inspired by commitment to humanitarian causes, four albums and six maxi CDs later the band has long since crossed national boundaries and found international recognition.

During their tour of Brazil in ‘97, they managed to thrill the Brazilian President, “Lula da Silva“, who was sitting in the audience. ZDF made a television report about this tour entitled “Samba for Young Glue-Sniffers“ (menino supports a street children project in Brazil). Successful concerts abroad have included trips to France, Spain, England, Germany and the Czech Republic, and appearances at the United Nations Summit Conference on the Environment in Johannesburg (South Africa) and at the United Nations Festival in Bonn, to mention just a couple of events.

The band’s singer, Stephan Glöckner, was presented personally by the President of State, Johannes Rau, with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for menino’s commitment to social causes.


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