Mariachi Semblanza

Probably the best-known musical style to come out of Mexico is mariachi, which is a type of music typical for western Mexico. It originated in the state of Jalisco, which is a region with a long musical tradition. Besides mariachi, Jalisco has also produced two other highly potent cultural icons: tequila, which is named after the city of the same name, and one of Mexico's most famous musicians, Carlos Santana.

Mariachi was traditionally played at parties and festivals, where there would be exuberant dancing and singing. This tradition continues today. And in fact it is very likely that the name mariachi derives from the French word for wedding, le mariage, as dancing and singing are of course an essential part of any good wedding.

The mariachi tradition has changed over time, and modern mariachi music includes numerous musical styles from a very diverse range of regions in Mexico and Latin America. Nowadays they even integrate classical and orchestral elements into the music.

The aim of Mariachi Semblanza is to promote and spread the culture, tradition and music of their country. Mariachi Semblanza was formed in 1995 as a quartet, with violin, guitarrón, vihuela and one female singer. With growing success and popularity, the group expanded to become a standard mariachi ensemble, with violins, trumpets, guitarrón, guitars and vihuela, as well as an accordion.

Currently, Mariachi Semblanza consists of three violins, guitars, vihuela, guitarrón and two trumpets, all played by Mexican musicians with extensive experience. However, as the group in this formation is often too large for event organizers, they also downsize to a minimum of five musicians: violin, trumpet, guitarrón, guitar and vihuela. Naturally all the musicians are also singers.

the members of Mariachi Semblanza currently live in Spain, but numerous concerts have taken them to the following countries in Europe: France, Ireland, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, the Ukraine, Turkey and Germany. They have also supported countless international stars, for example David Bisbal, Lila Downs, Ana Torroja and Pedro Fernández, to name but a few.




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