Pablo Ojeda & Beatriz Romero

pablo_beatrizPablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero were born in Buenos Aires. They completed their extensive training at the “National School for Argentinean Dance” as dance teachers in Argentinean set-pattern dancing, including tango and folklore dancing. After numerous appearances in their home country they came to Spain in 1988 with the show “Tango Real”, subsequently deciding to make Madrid their new home.

Pablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero are considered to be one of the best Argentinean dance pairs currently living in Europe. An example of their success that definitely deserves a mention was their participation in the show of the old master Osvaldo Pugliese, with his large orchestra, in 1991. They took over the choreography of the short film series “Tango” (TVE, 1992), which starred famous actors such as Sancho Gracia, Fiorella Faltoyano and Antonio Ferrandis.

They took part in the 1. International Festival de Cine Histórico in Batalha (1993) and the 6. and 8. International Tango Festivals in Granada, Spain in 1994 and 1996. In 1995 they were to be seen starring alongside María Barranco in the film “El Seductor”, and in “Hermana, Pero Que Has Hecho?” with Lina Morgan.

As tango teachers they are well-known in many different countries. They have held workshops in more than 30 Spanish cities, in Portugal, Germany, France and Switzerland.


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