Buenos Aires Tango Quartet - The Passion of Tango Argentino

Buenos Aires Tango QuartettThe musicians of the Buenos Aires Tango Trio are all Porteños, which means they were born in Buenos Aires. Their first contact to Tango came early. The musical director of the group, the pianist, flautist and arranger, Jorge Coll, came from a tango family. His father was a tango pianist and his uncle played bandoneon. Aníbal Civilotti, singer, guitarist and second double bass player was also born into a tango family. His father, Hector Omar, often returns to Argentina or is on tour in Europe. Bandoneon und bass are also played by Claudio Dartevelle, who, like the other members of the group, enjoyed a classical musical training.

The repertoire of the Buenos Aires Tango Trio ranges from the very beginnings of tango to Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla. Various different instruments have dominated during this time. And as everyone in the Buenos Aires Tango Trio plays several instruments, they are able to capture and demonstrate the different styles and special features of each period. What never fails to impress is the warmth and expressiveness of the voice of Aníbal Civilotti, who sings of yearning, mourning and forgetting.

On request, by the addition of one violin the Buenos Aires Tango Trio can be extended to form a quartet.


Buenos Aires Tango Quartett



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