Tango Azul - Tango Musical Show from Argentinien

tangoazulTANGO AZUL is a tango dance project which tells a story. Three dance pairs and a singer meet in a tango bar in Buenos Aires, a so-called milonga. Together they breifly relive a period in their lives. Episodes from the past and scenes from their lives are portrayed on stage.
The dance pairs’ - Pablo Ojeda y Beatriz Romero, Daniel Ferro y Lorena Mermelstein and Jorge Ramirez y Nélida Miglione - presentation of the tangos is mainly highly expressive and dramatic. Eroticism and sensuality are expressions of the eternal game between man and woman.

 Tango often tells of unrequited love, the pain of the rejected and of loneliness, elements which are skillfully described not only by the dancing itself but also in the texts of the songs. The singer is Patricia Nora, who made her name with Tango Pasión. In Tango Azul she plays the landlady of the milonga.

The quintet, under the direction of the famous bandoneonist Luciano Jungman, set the musical highlights. The quintet´s instruments are one bandoneon and guitar, a violin, a clarinet, a piano and a double bass.  The group shines through its outstanding musical quality.  Altogether, thirteen artists work with Tango Azul. The choreographic consulting and dramaturgy are provided by Susanne Landua and Philippe Lizon.  He is an enthusiastic tango dancer and a student of Maurice Béjart.


  • Lo que vendrá

  • Prepárense

  • Milonga Sentimental

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