Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble - The Entertaining Tango Show from Argentina

The tango production “Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble” consists of seven artists.

First, these are the two well-known dance pairs. Both couples are among the leading Argentinean dance couples in Europe, where they teach at tango schools and give workshops.

Whether dancing alone or together, their dance show, which they have developed together, is not only impressive but also entertaining.

The live music is provided by the Buenos Aires Tango Trio. The three musicians are Porteños, which means they were born in Buenos Aires. Jorge Coll is on piano and flute, Claudio Dartevelle on bandoneon and double bass, and Anibal Civilotti is on guitar and double bass. Anibal Civilotti is also the trio’s lead singer. His voice rich with feeling and warmth, he sings of longing, sadness and forgetting. Their tangos and milongas are taken from well-known works, from Carlos Gardel to Astor Piazzolla. On request, it is possible to turn the Buenos Aires Tango Trio into a quartet through the addition of a violin.


Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble


Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble Promo

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