Mariachi Semblanza

Probably the best-known musical style to come out of Mexico is mariachi, which is a type of music typical for western Mexico. It originated in the state of Jalisco, which is a region with a long musical tradition. Besides mariachi, Jalisco has also produced two other highly potent cultural icons: tequila, which is named after the city of the same name, and one of Mexico's most famous musicians, Carlos Santana.

Mariachi was traditionally played at parties and festivals, where there would be exuberant dancing and singing. This tradition continues today. And in fact it is very likely that the name mariachi derives from the French word for wedding, le mariage, as dancing and singing are of course an essential part of any good wedding.

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Menino - The Brazilian Music Project from Europa

meninoThe musicians from menino are from Germany, love European pop and pulse with Brazilian passion. Their groovy rhythms make their New Latin Pop always danceable. They sing in German, English and Portuguese. Infected with samba and inspired by commitment to humanitarian causes, four albums and six maxi CDs later the band has long since crossed national boundaries and found international recognition.

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