Filipa Cardoso

“Fado is the art of expressing silence through song.” Filipa Cardoso

There’s a new star shining from Fado skies: Filipa Cardoso. Both young and beautiful, she combines melancholy – the very essence of Fado – with fresh, rhythmic songs. The sublime Filipa Cardoso is one of only a few young Fadistas to have received the blessing of older stars, due to the fact that she possesses just the right amount of saudade.

Filipa Cardoso grew up among many Fadistas in Alto do Pina, a very traditional district of Lisbon. She began singing when she was very young, giving her first performance at the tender age of eight. It wasn’t long before many older Fadistas had accepted her into the “inner circle” as one of the “chosen few”. In 2004 she won the highly prestigious Grande Noite do Fado in the Lisbon Coliseum, which is awarded once a year by the Casa da Imprensa. Since then she has given guest performances in all of the most important concert houses and Fado venues in Portugal. She has also enjoyed success as an actor in many theatres.

Her debut album “Cumprir seu fado” was produced by the legendary musician, composer and singer Jorge Fernando, who was not only responsible for the first albums of Mariza and Ana Moura but also gained cult status through his many years of artistic collaboration with Amalia Rodrigues.
Filipa Cardoso has toured through France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria and the USA, where in 2012 she gave a guest performance to a sold out New York Carnegie Hall. Meanwhile, she has also been making a name for herself in Germany.




Meu Amor


Negro Ciúme


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