Grupo Compay Segundo

La Leyenda Del Chan Chan

"Grupo Compay Segundo, the legend of Chan Chan, has returned Europe.”

As a true master of words and music, Compay Segundo is a legend in his native Cuba, but he and his music also enjoyed massive popularity around the world. With his trademark cigar and panama hat, he mastered the “armonico” like nobody else – a seven-stringed guitar that he created.

After he passed away in July 2003, his son, Salvador Repilado, who had also been his double bass player, became director of his orchestra.

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Riddim Posse - Reggae, Calypso and Soca from the Caribbean

ridim_posseA few outstanding musicians from Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago and Heidelberg once came together to devote themselves to a music that is a mixture of reggae, soca and calypso. And they did so with an intensity that they then proceeded to convey to the audience in the form of a fever – the Riddim fever – which is guaranteed to bring every dance floor to overflowing.

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Macumbaché - Afro-Caribbean Music, Salsa and Son

 macumbacheAt the beginning of 1999, eight musicians from the some of the most famous salsa bands came together to form the group MACUMBACHÉ. Without doubt, they belong to the top ten salsa formations in Germany. At the front of the band are two outstanding trombonists. Impressive too is the singer, Edisney Portales from Cuba, who sang for years with Sonoc de las Tunas. On request it is also possible to book the Cuban female singer Marta Galarraga, who has regularly appeared with Omar Sosa. Together with the percussion section, the like of which is difficult to find, the band leader and musical director, Mario Corrado, has made it his aim to have the full range of sounds and nuances of traditional salsa and modern timba Cubana (a mixture of Afro-Caribbean styles with elements of funk, soul and jazz) echoed in the group’s repertoire.

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Havana Coastline

HavanaHavana Coastline combines a dynamic passion for making music with absolute professionalism. The group is made up of 8 musicians, all of whom have lost their hearts to the rhythms of the Caribbean. They include the Cuban singer and percussionist Daniel de la Osa, the American soul singer Niki Latoya and the guitarist and former member of the Gipsy Kings, Felipe Sauvageon.

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