Germán Cassano & Liliana Espinosa

german_liliana02Germán Cassano and Liliana Espinosa were born in Buenos Aires. Germán comes from a classical tango family while Liliana’s family were lovers of classical music. She later came to tango through Piazzolla. They trained with the most important teachers of tango: Miguel Angel Zotto, Nito y Elva García, Osvaldo Zotto and Raul Bravo. In Buenos Aires, they performed both at the famous milongas and in tango shows, working with some of the tango great, such as Nestor Marconi, Adriana Varela and Osvaldo Zotto. For years they were contracted to dance on behalf of the Culture Office for the Province of Buenos Aires.

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Fabián & Marión Acosta

fanian_marionFabián Acosta was trained by some of Argentina’s most famous teachers to become tango dancer and himself teacher of Tango Argentino. Amongst his teachers have been Antonio Todaro, Juan Carlos Copes und Carlos Rivarola, to name but a few. However, his talent as a dancer is not limited to Tango Argentino, but covers a wide range of styles, from the folk dancing of his home country and of Latin America in general, right through to jazz und ballet.

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Daniel & Lorena Ferro

Lorena Ferro was born in Buenos Aires and trained as a classical dancer under Wasil Tupin, Mercedes Serrano and Maya Pawlowa, to name but a few. Then she joined the María Ruanova National School of Dance. She received her training as a tango dancer at the Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático and with Juan Carlos Copes.
Daniel Ferro is of Italian origins and he began to dance tango in 1988. He took over as musical director and choreographer for the tango show “Buenos Aires Tango” with the Cuarteto Porteno, and for the tango shows “El pollo de la milonga” (1993) and “Alma de tango - Tiempo de tango” with the Dúo Porteno (1994). In addition Daniel Ferro has worked intensively with “Tango Azul“.

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Jorge Ramírez & Nélida Miglione

jorge_nelidaJorge y Nélida were born in Buenos Aires. They have been dancing the Argentinean Tango professionally since 1981. Some of the tango greats have been amongst their teachers, such as Juan Carlos Copes, Los Dinzel, Gloria y Eduardo, Pepito Avellaneda and Antonio Todaro.

Until 1992 they performed successfully in Argentina, for example in various theatres and on several shows on Argentinean television. They danced in the famous milongas and worked with some of the most well-known orchestras, such as Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta, Horacio Salgán y Ubaldo De Lio y su Orquesta, Néstor Marconi y su Orquesta, Leopoldo Federico y su Orquesta, Sexteto Mayor and Sexteto Tango.

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Pablo Ojeda & Beatriz Romero

pablo_beatrizPablo Ojeda and Beatriz Romero were born in Buenos Aires. They completed their extensive training at the “National School for Argentinean Dance” as dance teachers in Argentinean set-pattern dancing, including tango and folklore dancing. After numerous appearances in their home country they came to Spain in 1988 with the show “Tango Real”, subsequently deciding to make Madrid their new home.

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