Tango Azul - Tango Musical Show from Argentinien

tangoazulTANGO AZUL is a tango dance project which tells a story. Three dance pairs and a singer meet in a tango bar in Buenos Aires, a so-called milonga. Together they breifly relive a period in their lives. Episodes from the past and scenes from their lives are portrayed on stage.
The dance pairs’ - Pablo Ojeda y Beatriz Romero, Daniel Ferro y Lorena Mermelstein and Jorge Ramirez y Nélida Miglione - presentation of the tangos is mainly highly expressive and dramatic. Eroticism and sensuality are expressions of the eternal game between man and woman.

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Estación Tango - Tango Show

Estación Tango is dance theatre of a new kind. What makes this show unique in the world of tango is that the music was composed specially. They tell not only the history of tango, but tango is also used as a means to express various imaginative ideas.

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Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble - The Entertaining Tango Show from Argentina

The tango production “Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble” consists of seven artists.

First, these are the two well-known dance pairs. Both couples are among the leading Argentinean dance couples in Europe, where they teach at tango schools and give workshops.

Whether dancing alone or together, their dance show, which they have developed together, is not only impressive but also entertaining.

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